Abby Belvin Earns Masters Degree

Abby Belvin earns master of Family and Consumer Sciences degree specializing in Family Financial Planning from Iowa State University. Abby completed twelve classes worth thirty-six credit hours as part of the program. The coursework teaches students how to deal with individual and family financial needs through courses in academic disciplines such as investing, insurance, retirement, estate, and taxes. The application of money management techniques in various family environments and situations is also emphasized in the program.

Thirty Years Goes By Fast

If you are like most from Generation X, it seems like just yesterday you were attending your favorite movie as a teenager. Top Gun, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and the Karate Kid 2 (not 1, but 2!) debuted in 1986. You may remember the cost of a movie ticket was about $3 to $4 and a gallon of gas cost around a buck thirty years ago. You probably did not know the family car your dad let you borrow to pick up your date, Honda Accord, cost $12,000. And, you had no idea what the term “retirement” meant and paying for the rising cost of your college was not even on your radar. It’s okay. You were normal. Most people find it difficult to visualize far into the future. Now, when you drop your aw

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