Welcome To The Team, Daniel

Daniel joins us from Iowa State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and a minor in German. Most recently, he worked at Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company based in Waukee for two years where amongst other things he created Standard Operating Procedures for operations after a large companywide transition. Daniel jumped at the opportunity to join West Financial Advisors and he is excited to learn about wealth management, investing, and retirement planning. Primarily, Daniel will be working with our portfolio manager assisting with investment accounting and reporting, processing client forms, and resolving service-related questions and issues. Additionall

Fee-only Fiduciary Acts In Your Best Interest

Consumers are seeking fiduciaries, one who works in the best interest of the consumer with no consideration to themselves, in larger numbers than ever before. Why? People want to be confident the advice they receive from professionals is in their best interest. The financial industry and regulators are doing their best to deliver on that expectation. However, the result may make the landscape more confusing than before as there are varying levels of fiduciary responsibility within the industry. This variability makes it difficult for consumers to make an informed decision about hiring a financial advisor. One level of responsibility is for Registered Investment Advisers who are regulated

Thank you!

Thank you to all who stopped by the open house Saturday to meet our new team members!

Remarriage and Your Finances

Last week I blogged about the newlyweds out there, and what they could do to start their financial journey on the right path. Today we are going to talk about another type of newlywed, the newly remarried. The newly remarried couples have interesting financial considerations as well. Today let’s look at three items for consideration when remarrying: Beneficiaries – When remarrying it is vital that the couple check all investment, pension, retirement, and other assets to ensure that the proper beneficiaries, and contingent beneficiaries, are listed. Beneficiaries listed on the asset are the defacto legal designation so if this listing is incorrect, it can mean assets transferring to someone t

IPERS Benefits

The State of Iowa offers the generous IPERS benefit to its employees. Want to learn more? Here is a quick recap. Contributions: Currently, those who are regular members of IPERS pay 5.95% of covered wages into the IPERS system, and the employer matches with 8.93% for a total of 14.88% contribution. The contribution rate can be adjusted, either up or down, annually but no more than 1%. These contributions are tax-deferred, meaning that contributions are not taxed today, but benefits distributed in the future will be taxed at the ordinary income rates for the year in which distributions are made. Vesting: Vesting is when you have worked for an employer long enough to be eligible to receive

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