Hire a younger advisor for your retirement plan.

As the number of financial advisors retiring increases there is a new ‘crop’ of younger advisors entering the industry. People may shy away from hiring a younger advisor because they want someone with ‘experience’. Here are a few reasons why working with a younger advisor may be better for your retirement plan: While hiring a financial advisor of a similar age is common, if you and your advisor decide to retire at the same time, it can create a stressful time of transition when you need stability the most. Hiring a younger advisor increases the likelihood that person will still be working for you when you need it the most, helping you through retirement and the eventual transition of your es

National Save for Retirement Month

It’s National Save for Retirement Month! Celebrate by making sure your retirement savings strategy is working for you. The first step of getting ready for retirement is to determine if you are saving enough. You will also want to confirm your investment approach is a good fit for your financial goals. Finally, don’t forget to optimize your results by using tax-efficient strategies. It is hard to know if you are saving enough without having a crystal ball, right? Not necessarily, our firm’s Certified Financial Planner® practitioners use their knowledge and experience to assess your unique situation and develop a plan of action that works for you. We also help clients implement their plan

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