Is Your Planned Retirement Age Realistic?

Is your planned retirement age realistic? According to many studies, the answer is no. The Employee Benefit Research Institute 2019 Retirement Confidence Survey found two-thirds of current retirees had planned to work past age 64. However, only one-fourth of retirees actually kept working to age 65 or older. The primary reason often cited for the difference in the expected and actual retirement date is health status. People who work in physically demanding jobs may be limited in the number of years they can work. Other chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions also begin to present before normal retirement age, forcing workers to retire sooner than planned. Many times, th

Congratulations Joe!

West Financial Advisors is happy to announce Joe Hart recently passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam. The CFP® exam, administered by the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards, is considered one of the most rigorous examinations in the financial planning profession. To earn the CFP® mark, candidates must pass an examination which includes a wide range of financial planning topics including ethical and professional standards, cash flow planning, insurance, investment strategies, tax, and estate planning. Candidates must also have at least three years of professional experience with the financial process. Candidates must commit to abide by the CFP Board of Standards Code of Eth

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