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Morning Margaritas

While waiting to meet a client for coffee at the country club one morning this week, I could not help but listen in on a group of men bellied up to the bar…at 10 a.m.! Their conversation drifted from reliving their recent round of golf to margarita mixtures to grandchildren and back to golf again.

This may or may not be your vision for retirement, but it really does demonstrate that everyone wants the freedom to have fun and live out his or her retirement years to the fullest. Some clients tell me they cannot envision what it will be like when they stop working or have no plans for how to spend their days. The inability to envision retirement can be an obstacle when saving for it, especially for younger adults who have many years before that stage.

Don’t put off saving for retirement because you are not sure about your goals. There are many steps you can take now and along the way no matter your desire for retirement. Contact our firm or another qualified advisor to help you figure it out.

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