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Welcome, Ally!

Last week on our Blog we announced a new Lead Advisor, Jeanna, who joined the team. This week we have another introduction, Ally West, who will be working with us over the summer as an intern!

Ally will engage in the day-to-day activities by providing support for lead advisors during the client planning and analysis phase, as well as assist in the creation and implementation of new marketing strategies. Currently, Ally is analyzing data from a client location survey which will help us ensure that location and accessibility are meeting the needs of our clients.

Ally will return to the University of Iowa in the fall as an Honors student, continuing her pursuit of a Finance degree and minor in Political Science. She is also active in multiple clubs and honor organizations at the University of Iowa, including Turning Point U.S.A., and Young Americans for Liberty.

Email Ally today to welcome her to the team!

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