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Millionaire Women Next Door

Do you have what it takes to be a millionaire woman? According to the book “Millionaire Women Next Door” the most common factor of financial success named by millionaire women is perseverance.

The millionaire women researched in the book shared other essential behaviors such as being disciplined to have long-term goals for the future and taking specific actions to reach those goals. For example, millionaire women tend to utilize detailed budgeting systems to track household expenses. Women also tend to stick with investment strategies during difficult market environments. This patience provides one reason why many studies prove women earn higher investment returns than men.

It is important to note these millionaire women may be extremely successful, but they seek out support from others rather than doing it all alone. Women are significantly more likely than men to hire financial advisors to help them accomplish their financial and investment goals. And, millionaire women are very involved in the financial decision process. Only one in twenty married millionaire women report her spouse has the primary responsibility of making financial decisions. About half of them stated they made financial decisions together with their spouse.

Our firm advises many single and married women who have a good dose of perseverance and high expectations from their advisor. Our services are tailored to serve those expectations. Contact me today to start working on being the next millionaire woman next door.

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