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Looking Beyond the Uncertainty of Elections and COVID

The year started out with so many aspiring "visions" for 2020, but no one would have imagined what we have been through since the pandemic hit. Many Americans are getting tired as we finish out the year with elevated COVID cases and a barrage of election campaign ads, text messages, and constant bickering by political pundits. The uncertainty ahead is causing many people to feel anxious about their financial security. What can you do?

First, don't let fears about what could happen over the next few days or longer drive poor financial decisions. Rather than doing something impulsively like cashing out your investments, turn off the television, stop scrolling through social media posts, and appreciate the people around you whether it is your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

Keep in mind that if you have been working with a qualified investment manager, it is likely your portfolio is allocated appropriately. It is essential to have an investment portfolio allocated based on your long-term goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. When done properly, your investments can withstand market volatility in the short-term while being able to meet your long-term growth goals.

Making a plan for your future is the best way to be prepared for whatever life has to offer. This is why all of our clients have a comprehensive financial plan with tactics to mitigate potential risks in the future and take advantage of potential opportunities. People are predicting our world has changed forever and there is no going back. This is true, but this has always been true. Working a plan that evolves over time as your life changes is an effective way to ensure your future financial security. Contact our team of advisors to learn how you can grow and protect your wealth.


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