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Listen to our founding partner, Laura West, on why West Financial Advisors is right for you. 

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Why Us? - Laura West
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We have a passion for helping people grow and protect their wealth with fee-only objective advice. You receive personalized financial planning and ongoing investment management based upon your unique goals and in your best interest.

We embrace our role as a fiduciary and our firm receives no commissions for products we recommend to clients. As a result, you can depend on receiving objective advice appropriate for your situation and in your best interest.  You do not have to worry about being oversold and underserved again.

We believe you deserve access to a vast variety of quality investments and financial products. That is why we partner with trusted discount brokers who hold custody of your assets and are not limited to proprietary products. We also work directly with your other financial advisors (attorneys, CPAs, trust officers, and insurance agents) to serve your needs.

We make our professional learning a priority and are constantly researching new strategies so we can help clients optimize their results. You can rely on receiving advice from a qualified advisor with the knowledge and experience to help you grow and protect your wealth.

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